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Holiday Cheer Runs in the Family

Story and Photos By Ananda Foerch, Career Institute Intern | Posted: Thursday, December 8, 2016 10:00 am

Jack’s Tree Lot has become a tradition in The Village. Located next to the Bank of America parking lot during the holiday season, you can find all sorts of Christmas trees and holiday fun.

Jack’s Tree Lot is not just a tree lot; it’s an experience, and a treasure trove of memories that will last families a lifetime.

The lot was a family venture right from the start. Jack Knight, who recently took over after his father’s passing, started the business with his father over 25 years ago. According to Knight, it was located in Blue Jay for “many years” but about eight years ago relocated to Lake Arrowhead. Knight said it’s a better location, since being in The Village allows the lot to“have cooler temperatures, shade… and moisture… all three things allows trees to stay fresher, longer.” Knight pointed out that although it’s “cold for us, it’s good for the trees.”

The tree lot gets their trees from Knight’s uncle, and Knight says that the business started as a “little tree lot” but says that it’s “growing.

He credits this with the community support, saying he wouldn’t be able to run the business without it.

The holidays are not just a time for receiving; they’re also a time for giving. Knight says he gives back to the community as much as he gets. He donates to organizations like churches, Operation Provider, and Rim Family Services, aiming to help less fortunate families during the holidays. He says that his “main goal is to get everybody a tree.”

His other main goal is to have a “nice fun environment for customers buying experience.” Knight delivers on this with many amenities that other tree lots don’t offer. His tree lot is not like ones down the hill, where they’ll simply sell you a Christmas tree and send you on your way.

The experience starts when you walk into the lot, with free hot chocolate and coffee. You can partake in relaxed browsing, and take time to pick from a selection of trees from 2 to 15 feet tall, including Douglas firs, Noble firs, and other trees.

Once you find the perfect tree, Knight’s lot can provide a ‘flocking’ effect, which makes it look like snow is covering your tree. Knight is also State Fire Marshal certified to add fire retardant.

From there, Knight’s lot will provide free services of shaking the tree, which gets rid of the naturally dying needles so it doesn’t create a Christmas mess that you have to clean up after decoration. They also bail it, putting on the netting themselves, and the lot will tie the tree to your car so you don’t have to.

All of the free services the lot provides takes out a lot of the Christmas tree hassle normally undergone during this time of year. It allows for customers to buy their perfect tree, and then take it home with a holiday feel and a smile on their face.

This is also what makes their prices so comparative to down the hill stores. Knight had to raise his prices last year due to the tree shortage in Oregon, but this year, he’s not planning on raising prices. When added with all the services and the family fun that Jack’s lot provides, the trees are much cheaper when compared to down the hill, he says.

Knight says he sells to customers from as far as Sa.n Diego and Los Angeles. They spend the day buying presents in Lake Arrowhead, and then buy trees from his lot. It creates a good day, and many lasting memories for the customers to take home with them.

In addition to trees, the lot also sells firewood, decorations for the trees, and yard decorations like reindeer and snowmen for the past three years that have been a “big hit.”

Services that the lot provides for a fee include set-up and pick-up. Knight has also been known to make house calls to replace tree stands from other tree lots. Knight says that it’s all about going that extra mile for customers, to create that fun environment, so that they keep returning year after year.

Jack’s Tree Lot is currently open for the season daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.with a truckload of new trees coming in every week.