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The Importance of a Local Lender

Home Loans by Karyn

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Posted: Thursday, March 30, 2017 11:00 am

It was a sequence of events that led Karyn Weger, Branch Manager for the local American Financial Network, to find what her true passion was. Helping people, especially when it came to investing in something as important as a home, was the calling that Karyn Weger knew she needed to be a part of.

After receiving her first home loan, and going through the experience which she describes as “scary,” Weger discovered that she was mainly doing all of the work herself when it came to finalizing her loan. Her lender at the time pointed out that Karyn needed to be in the lending industry but she did not entertain the idea—yet.

Fast forward a few years. Weger began working as a lender in the real estate business but found that she still could not find her happiness.

“I just didn’t like it at all,” Karyn said. “I didn’t like what I saw, so I got out of it.”

Leaving the lending real estate business took Karyn on a new journey, where she became the sales manager for a large staffing company. She worked directly with people, getting to know them, in order to place them in other companies for work. Little did Karyn know that this company would soon lead her to discover a new interest.

Karyn had many clients at the staffing company, one of them being her future husband Mark Weger. Mark owned and ran a mortgage bank to which Karyn provided junior accountants. Mark knew that Karyn had an eye for lending, and multiple times asked her to join his team. After shutting down the idea just as many multiple times, Karyn turned to her faith as a form of guidance.

“I opened up my Bible to a Scripture that said, ‘Anything you touch will prosper; I am here to bless you, not hurt you.’ So I called Mark the next day and said, ‘Let’s do it,’” Karyn said.

Karyn was successful working for the mortgage bank but, in 2008, the market collapsed and crucial decisions had to be made. Karyn questioned whether or not she could stay in the business but, ultimately, her heart was telling her that she needed to.

“I truly believe that only the strong survived in this industry,” Karyn said. “Those who were in it are only better, and those who were on the fence are out; I think it strengthened all of us. Going through that collapse changed the way people appreciated things.” She added that people now, in her opinion, have a new-found sensitive understanding for the things that they earn and want.

After the collapse of the market, Karyn and Mark began to think of ways to use their experience with lending and mortgage banking, and transform it into something that would become their own. This is when the start of Home Loans by Karyn began.

Home Loans by Karyn can provide clients with the help they may need when it comes to purchasing or refinancing a home, or dealing with home equity. Whether you are a first-time buyer, second-time or experienced buyer, or just looking to purchase a vacation getaway, Karyn and Mark can help. In terms of refinancing your home and dealing with home equity, Karyn assures her clients that there is almost always something that can be done.

“A home is what everyone wants in life,” Karyn said. “A home is where you’re safe, where your children can go to bed. No one can take that from you, and that is so special to be a part of.”

Having experience in mortgage banking in the past, both Karyn and Mark find it extremely important to pre-underwrite files themselves. Although they understand that sometimes there may be issues that arise, both Karyn and Mark do whatever they can to solve the problem in the end.

“If the underwriters find something, we try our best to work with it,” Mark said. “We are professional problem solvers.”

At Home Loans by Karyn, one of the most important things is to try to eliminate all of the surprises that may arise with purchasing a home, or lending, in general. That is why Karyn and Mark pre-underwrite the files from the moment they meet the client. “We do this to avoid all of the ‘Gotchas’ in the beginning, and end, [of the process],” Karyn said.

Although some problems cannot always be remedied, Karyn assures her clients that they will work to do everything they can until there is nothing left to do. “If you hear a ‘no’ from me [Karyn], then that means it absolutely cannot be done,” she stated.

Both Karyn and Mark emphasize the importance of dealing with a local lender who knows about the mountain experience. “It is a very special place up here,” Karyn said, adding that having a local lender who knows the location can make the client’s overall experience that much better.

Karyn and Mark are now going on 10 years in the business with Home Loans by Karyn, and would not have it any other way. Karyn highlighted that “The business is local; we are here and we are not leaving.”

Home Loans by Karyn is located at 27215 Hwy. 189, Suite C in Blue Jay. For more information, call Karyn Weger at (661) 992-555 or visit

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