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New Sex Education Exceeds Traditional Boundaries

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Posted: Thursday, June 27, 2019 9:00 am

Editor's note: This article is not a discussion about the bill itself, but rather a report on a single speaker who opposes the bill. To read more about what this bill entails, visit To read answers on the most frequently asked questions about the bill, visit

A Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum established through Assembly Bill 329, the California Healthy Youth Act (2015), was the topic addressed by guest speaker, America Figueroa, at the Lake Arrowhead Communities Republican Women, Federated, on June 25.

Figueroa is a writer for La Prensa Hispana, based in Indio. In the June 21 edition of La Prensa, Figueroa wrote: “It is imminent for parents, teachers, faith and community leaders to unite and fight to stop CSE from harming our children. We need to pressure our legislators so they can start working to protect our children from the sexualization and exploitation that come through CSE.”

Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) introduced the bill making the curriculum mandatory as of Jan. 1, 2018. Schools are required to present the program to students once in middle school and once in high school. The option is available to teach the program at levels lower than 7th grade if the school wishes to do so. One San Diego school started teaching the curriculum to kindergarten children, Figueroa said. Some schools go way beyond what the law requires, she added.

By contrast, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has threatened to sue some school districts for not complying with the law and declining to teach the curriculum.

Like her newspaper article, “Why We Need to Stop CSE,” Figueroa asked her audience at the Lake Arrowhead Country Club: “Why is CSE Wrong?”

Figueroa argues that the program sexualizes children. “Six months ago or less we did not hear about children ‘coming out of the closet’ when they were younger than 10 years old. Now they are being taught to negotiate their relationships. It goes beyond saying, ‘No means no.’ Abusers claim it is not abuse because the child consented; the child wanted it.”

With the age of consent being 18, Figueroa asks why teach kids 12 to 17 to negotiate?

According to Figueroa, sexual identity is another topic for negotiation. “The curriculum is telling kids, ‘Your parents decided your sex when you were born and they saw your genitals. But now you can decide for yourself.’ It’s in the curriculum,” Figueroa exclaimed. “It teaches kids about sexual pleasure. Masturbating alone, with a partner or a group together is ‘normal.’ It teaches kids that it is okay.”

The materials tell teachers how to answer the students’ questions. They might respond that a religious background disapproves of certain sex acts, but that from a medical perspective it causes no harm and it is okay to engage in certain behaviors. The text materials, according to Figueroa, fail to establish abstinence as a goal for children.

Information on abortion simply states that is it a procedure to empty the uterus. Children are told they do not need parental permission. They are told how to make arrangements, that a girl can leave school and return a few hours later. Presumably an older friend or Uber might drive the child to and from the appointment. The student will not be penalized; she can make up the work with no loss of points.

Children also are provided with information about hormone therapy, if they choose to alter their sexual identity. “These [issues] do not belong in the schools,” Figueroa argues. “They do not encourage communication between parents and children because they assume kids are not comfortable with their parents.”

The children are provided with lists of other resources where they can get more information. Figueroa checked out some of those websites, which she says tie sex and reproduction to social justice issues and liberation. “They are telling children they are being oppressed by their parents and by the government.”

The websites encourage children to experiment with various sexual behaviors “because everybody does it.”

Figueroa brought to the meeting copies of several books that are being used in the schools. She described them as “not just inappropriate; it is pornographic” based on subject matter, explicit descriptions and illustrations. “My blood boils when I see this,” she exclaimed, as she showed pages to the audience.

Joining many others who disapprove of the curriculum, Figueroa participated in several public hearings and protests on a large scale, “but still they [the legislators] decided to move forward.” She encouraged the audience to speak out and let legislators know that the public, parents and grandparents are against the new curriculum.

Update: Jordana "Dana" Ridland also spoke at the meeting, but some statements made by another speaker were erroneously attributed to Ridland in this article. Those statements have been removed until further notice.

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  • Docbennett posted at 10:05 am on Fri, Jul 12, 2019.

    Docbennett Posts: 2

    In my opinion, the state is over stepping there bounds here. Just as they have almost every other way they can in our state anymore. Is there any way to stop this madness?