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Christmas Storm Causes Power Outage and Outrage

By Angela Yap | Posted: Tuesday, December 31, 2019 9:00 am

The Christmas winter storm dumped approximately 14 inches of snow in Lake Arrowhead communities.

Multiple power outages occurred throughout the communities including Crestline, Blue Jay, Lake Arrowhead, Running Springs and Twin Peaks between Christmas and Sunday. With freezing temperatures in the 20’s at night, many local families with young children and seniors were desperately in need of electricity that Edison could not provide due to Mother Nature. 

No electricity means no heat for most families. According to Edison, about 13,000 customers were without power which included the downtown of Lake Arrowhead, the Lake Arrowhead Village, on Boxing Day where visitors were ready to frequent our local businesses.

“We lost power on Boxing Day,” said Sondra Hughes, owner of Sondra’s Wild Sophistication and Tattle Tails at Lake Arrowhead Village. “That’s one of the most important days in retail sales.”

“Even Stater Bros. closed early,” said Henry Beeman who was denied entry to the store when he arrived on Boxing Day afternoon to try to pick up some groceries.

Without electricity at Lake Arrowhead Village on December 26, all the restaurants at the Lake Arrowhead Villages were forced to closed.

Many snow-related accidents took place including highways and residential areas throughout the mountains.

The snowfall created driving challenges for both locals and especially visitors who lack experience in driving in severe snow conditions even with chains. 

Even professional snowplow drivers from Caltrans experienced some challenges during the storm. Two Caltrans plows crashed slightly into each other by the Kuffel and Highway 18 area where the road condition was severe. Multiple cars were stranded blocking the roadway for emergency vehicles.

While some local residents are questioning why Edison took so long to repair various power outages, others are asking County Supervisor Janice Rutherford to offer more support to mountain residents who live in this unincorporated area in time of crisis.