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Sheriff’s Crime Log

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Posted: Thursday, June 2, 2011 12:00 am

5/23/11-TWIN PEAKS (TP) Keeping of Property 25000 block of North Rd.-The reporting party (RP) called deputies after discovering a shotgun at a home from which the tenants were evicted. Deputies took the weapon for safekeeping. The responding deputy noted there was too much rust to read the serial number.

5/24/11-BLUE JAY (BJ) Domestic Battery 1000 block of Inspiration Dr.-A woman reported her ex-boyfriend pushed her against her vehicle during a custody exchange. The RP didn't have visible injury, but complained of pain on her neck, back and hip.

BJ Sale of Marijuana 27000 block of Highway 18-Two male juveniles were arrested and booked into juvenile hall after they melted chocolate and added marijuana to it and sold it to students at Rim High.

ARROWBEAR (AB) Vandalism 32000 block of Richmond Dr.-An unknown suspect slashed two tires, scratched the paint on two doors and wrote on the RP's vehicle with a black marker. The RP said she thinks her daughter's former friend could be the suspect.

BJ Lost/Stolen Plate 27000 block of Highway 189-An unknown suspect stole a license plate from the RP's car.

TP Lost/Stolen Plate 400 block of Fern Dr.-An unknown suspect stole a license plate from the RP's car.

5/25/11-TP Vandalism 400 block of Club House Dr.-An unknown suspect used a rock to break a window on the RP's van. The RP estimated it would cost $75 to replace the window.

TP Vandalism 26000 block of Lake Forest Dr.-The RP reported someone broke a window on one of his cars and dented his other car with rocks.

RUNNING SPRINGS (RS) Burglary 32000 block of Hilltop Blvd.-An unknown suspect stole 150 sets of snow chains from the RP's shed. The RP, who owns the gas station, said the value of the stolen chains is $20,000.

TP Vandalism 26000 block of Lake Forest Dr.-An unknown suspect used a rock to break a window on the RP's car. The rock was found inside the car. The RP estimated it would cost $200 to replace the window.

LAKE ARROWHEAD (LA) Defrauding an Innkeeper Lake Arrowhead Village-The RP reported a customer ran up a $52 bar bill and left without paying. The RP said he knows the customer and he refuses to pay.

TP Under the Influence of Drugs Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station-A man was arrested and booked into West Valley Detention Center (WVDC) after he went to a treatment center, smoked heroin in the facility's restroom and ran away when he was confronted. The subject's father reported him as a missing person after several failed attempts to contact and locate him. The subject was eventually found and arrested when he returned to the treatment center while he was under the influence of drugs.

5/26/11-No Crime to Report

5/27/11-CEDAR GLEN (CG) Petty Theft 300 block of Emerald Dr.-A man reported someone stole a radio, four speakers and a fish finder from his boat.

BJ Unlawful Sale of Speed Daley Canyon Rd./Highway 189-After pulling a car over, a deputy discovered the driver was under the influence of drugs and in possession of a digital scale with a white residue, plastic baggies with a white residue, methamphetamine, glass pipes, marijuana packed in baggies and a cell phone with several text messages regarding the sale of drugs. The man was arrested and booked into CDC.

TP Unlawful Sale of Speed Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station-A man was arrested and booked into CDC after he went into the sheriff's station to talk about a case and deputies found meth, needles, a pipe and marijuana under the hood of his car.

5/28/11-LA Drunk in Public 100 block of Rockledge Ln.-The RP called deputies after a woman stuck her head out a door and said, "Please call 9-1-1. My husband's trying to kill me," before her husband pulled her back inside. When deputies arrived they contacted a woman who was too drunk to care for herself. She was arrested and booked into CDC.

LA Death Investigation Highway 173-A man was found dead, with a rope around his neck. A deputy reported the man left a note at the scene.

LA Drunk in Public Lake Arrowhead Village-The RP reported a drunken man was falling down by the bank. The responding deputy noticed the man had slurred speech, an unsteady gait, smelled of alcohol and couldn't walk without help. He was cited and released to his brother.

5/29/11-LA Burglary 100 block of N. Fairway Dr.-An unknown suspect entered the RP's house and stole jewelry valued at several thousand dollars.

RIMFOREST (RF) Assault with a Weapon 26000 block of Blackfoot Trail-A man called deputies after his roommate's ex-wife threw bottles of vodka at his car and at his roommate. The woman punched her ex-husband on the head and smacked the cell phone out of the RP's hand as he recorded the incident.

LA Rape of Spouse 27000 block of Matterhorn Dr.-A woman reported her friend's husband pushed her down the stairs. An ambulance transported the woman to the hospital. No further information was available.

5/30/11-TP Grand Theft 26000 block of Augusta Dr.-An unknown suspect stole a stereo from the RP's boat.

LA Found Property 300 block of Grizzly Rd.-A man called deputies after he found a compressor in the woods near a trail.

5/23/11-CRESTLINE (CR) Drunk in Public 25000 block of Moon Dr.-A man, who was intoxicated, was arrested after deputies found him outside his home. The man's girlfriend called deputies because they were fighting and he was upset with her because she wouldn't give him his sleeping pills.

CR Unlawful Sale of Speed Highway 138/Crest Forest Dr.-A woman was arrested and booked into Central Detention Center (CDC) for being under the influence of drugs after a deputy pulled over a car in which she was a passenger.

VALLEY OF ENCHANTMENT (VOE) Miscellaneous Incident 200 block of Nob Pl.-The reporting party (RP) called deputies after receiving hate mail.

CR Lost Property Skate Park-The RP reported someone stole her 16-year-old son's cell phone after he set his belongings down near the basketball court while he was skating.

CR P/M/S Dangerous Weapon Lake Dr./Forest Shade Rd.-A deputy arrested a man for public intoxication and for urinating in public after he urinated on the side of the road. The deputy noted the man resisted arrest and, while he was searching him, he found a knife in the suspect's pocket. The subject was booked at CDC.


5/24/11-CR Petty Theft 24000 block Altdorf Dr.-The RP called deputies after discovering someone had stolen several antique door knobs from him. The responding deputy discovered a neighbor's 7-year-old son stole them. The RP said he didn't want to press charges but he wanted the deputy to tell the neighbor his children weren't allowed on his property.


5/25/11-CR Vandalism 500 block of Berne Dr.-An unknown suspect threw a rock at the RP's car breaking a window and denting the door. The RP estimated it would cost $200 to $400 to repair the damage.

CR Vandalism 24000 block of San Moritz Dr.-A woman reported someone threw a rock at her car and broke a window.

CR Vandalism 300 block of Chillon Dr.-A woman reported someone threw a rock at her husband's car denting the rear hatch. She told the deputy this is the seventh time someone has vandalized her husband's car. She said Arrowhead Alarms installed security cameras and she will have them send the videotape to the sheriff's department. The responding deputy noted the rock used to damage the car matched rocks used in other acts of vandalism in the area.

CR Grand Theft 1000 block of Venus Way-The RP reported his former tenant, who had been evicted, stole items valued at $10,000 when he moved out. The RP said a tractor snow blower was missing as well as lawn equipment, an antique tub, a hutch and two patio sets. The RP said some of the items were on a lot under a blue tarp, which was located inside a locked kennel-type fence.

CEDARPINES PARK (CPP) Attempted Burglary 22000 block of S. Forest Dr.-An unknown suspect broke a window pane on the RP's door. The RP said no entry was made into the house and nothing was missing.


5/26/11-VOE Vandalism 22000 block of Skyview Ln.-An unknown suspect broke a window on the RP's car while it was parked on Berne Drive. The responding deputy went to where the car had been parked and found broken glass. He told the RP several cars in the area have been vandalized. The RP estimated it would cost $200 to fix the window.

CPP Domestic Battery 21000 block of Plunge Rd.-A woman was arrested for domestic battery after she hit her husband on the head with a vase and threw a watermelon at him.


5/27/11-CR Miscellaneous Incident Twin Peaks Sheriff's Station-A man walked into the sheriff's station and reported a fellow client at a sober living facility threatened him. The RP said his roommate became confrontational and aggressive toward him, causing him to want to leave the facility. The RP said the suspect knocked a book out of his hand and said he was going to "beat his ass." The RP said he wanted to report the incident because he didn't like the way the staff at the facility handled the situation.

CR Burglary 1300 block of Forest View Dr.-A man reported all of the copper pipes were stolen from his buildup.

CR Paraphernalia Crest Forest Dr./Playground Dr.-A subject was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

5/28/11-CPP Miscellaneous Incident 300 block of Rate Rd.-The RP called deputies after discovering someone had gone into his house and stolen all of his "soon-to-be ex-wife's" belongings. The RP said she had recently been arrested and there was a restraining order against her.

CR Possession of Stolen Property Highway 18/Lower Waterman Canyon-A man was arrested and booked into CDC after he was pulled over for driving a stolen vehicle. The arresting deputy noted the suspect used a screwdriver to open the door and start the car. The suspect admitted he stole the car and he wrote a letter of apology to the owner of the vehicle.

CR Grand Theft Lake Dr./Pioneer Camp Rd.-A woman called deputies after discovering a bicycle that had been stolen from her son was in the back of truck behind the Valero gas station.

VOE Mayhem 300 block of Log Ln.-The RP called deputies after seeing three girls beating up another girl. The RP said the victim was on the ground in the middle of the street and someone bit her ear off. Deputies arrived at the scene and arrested the girl who started the fight. The suspect was identified as the person who bit a piece of the victim's ear off after she was punched several times.


5/29/11-CR Petty Theft 24000 block of Lake Dr.-An unknown suspect attempted to break into the RP's vacation home. The RP said the suspect didn't gain entry, but stole two satellite receivers.

CR Petty Theft 1000 block of Arbula Dr.-The RP called deputies after someone stole her daughter's iPod from her friend's car. The RP's son identified the male who sold the iPod to another subject. Both subjects were arrested and booked into CDC.


5/30/11-CR Resisting an Officer Lake Dr./Leafy Ln.-A deputy found a man who was extremely intoxicated lying in the street. When the deputy asked the man for his identification he refused. The deputy asked the man to give him his backpack and he refused again. When the deputy grabbed for the backpack the suspect pulled it away causing the deputy to stumble. After regaining his balance the deputy grabbed the man's wrist and brought him to the ground. The man sustained injuries to his forehead and wrist when he struggled with the deputy as he tried to handcuff him. The man was transported to a hospital to treat his injuries and booked into CDC for being drunk in public and for resisting arrest.

CR Burglary 24000 block of Geneva Dr.-An unknown suspect broke a window to gain entry into the RP's house and stole miscellaneous jewelry. The RP said he would make a list of the missing items for the deputy.

CR Warrant Arrest Fern Dr./Lake Dr.-A man was arrested for out-of-county and out-of-state warrants.

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