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Rim Mountain Biking Races Into First Place

Posted: Thursday, May 2, 2019 9:00 am

On Sunday, April 28, Rim of the World High School’s mountain bike team went to the fourth and final race of the season before finals and state championships.

The “Cruise the Keys” race took place at Keysville, near Lake Isabella. The race was 5.5 miles per lap and included a “rollercoaster style single track, fire road climbs” and 550 feet of climbing, according to the Southern California High School Cycling League website, www.socaldirt.org.

Freshman and junior varsity 1 (JV1) riders complete two laps of each course while junior varsity 2 (JV2) riders complete three laps.

The highest ranking racers from Rim were Clayton Lutcavish, Caleb Heman, Kacy Johnson And Carter Kawell.

Lutcavish came in sixth place out of 30 participants for freshman boys. Coach Kathy Horton said he “was only eight points away from being on the podium.” Also in the freshman boys, Darby Friel.

“Friel most likely would have been on the podium except he had a flat on course, but he changed his tire in record time and still completed his race,” Horton said.

Of the other top Rim racers, Heman came in fifth place out of 39 participants in boys JV1, Johnson came in 11th place out of 20 participants for girls JV2, and Carter Kawell came in fifth place out of 24 participants for boys JV2.

As a whole, the Rim mountain bike team came in first place out of 37 teams in division two, putting them in third place for the season as a whole. Rim is nine points behind taking second place in the season and 157 points behind first place.

“Every rider [from] Rim did an amazing job on this very technical course,” Horton said.

The next race will be “Intergalactic Finals” on Sunday, May 12. Following that will be the state championship on Sunday, May 19. The finals and state championship will both be in Tehachapi.