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SkyPark Bike Fest a Success

by Angela Yap | Posted: Monday, July 8, 2019 9:00 am

The 2nd Annual Bike Fest was well-attended at SkyPark at Santa’s Village over the weekend.

“I am very happy to see the kind of attendance and support we have here this weekend,” said Bill Johnson of SkyPark. “The Bike Fest has improved and we finally are reaching the ideal target market.”

Johnson also announced that there will be another Bike Fest this September.

Returning Bike Fest exhibitor, Jeff Soncrant, from Eminent Cycles, was the first one you see at Bike Fest.

“We are happy to be back to support the Bike Fest and showcase our Eminent bikes,” said Jeff Soncrant, founder of Eminent Cycles. “SkyPark is one of our dealers and distributors.”

Soncrant spent a couple of years designing and perfecting Eminent, which is now almost 5 years old and a specialized, high-end line. Soncrant even created AFS Suspension, which is unique to Eminent bikes.

“I have 20 demo bikes here at the Bike Fest,” said Tanner Kietzman, So Cal brand developer for Specialized Bikes. “We had over 50 demos on Friday, about 90 demos on Saturday and about 70 demos on Sunday.”

Kietzman said he was happy to see so many riders interested in testing a variety of Specialized Bikes over the weekend and be able to offer demo bikes for riders where they could experience all the brands, riding the same consistent trails for comparison.

Brad Edwards, account executive from Giant/Liv was happy to be at Bike Fest.

“Jackie from SkyPark is incredible and she has organized a great event here at Bike Fest,” said Brad, who is an annual pass holder from Santa Monica. “I love it here. This is my favorite event to go to.”

Sonja Johnson and Kevin Hoard from SRAM were also delighted to be at Bike Fest.

“I am fascinated with this venue with such a variety of trails,” said Sonja Johnson.

“This is a perfect family site. I saw a 4-year-old riding through the meadow. This venue is for everybody,” said Kevin Hoard, who last visited Santa’s Village when he was 5 years old.

“I love it here. It is beautiful and affordable,” said Chris Santos, who is an annual pass holder from Chino Hills. Santos said he enjoyed testing out a number of bikes.

Steve Cuellar, from Santa Clarita, rode with his two sons, Andrew and Anthony, for the first time at SkyPark. The family planned to turn their day passes into annual passes on their way out.

“We like the trails very much,” said Cuellar.

SkyPark is open seven days a week, with multiple dining options, including Billy’s BBQ, St. Nicks, Pedal Pub and Lunch Box. The newest adventure - fly fishing is now open.